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Ayurclinic Goa welcomes you to our website!

Ayurveda is a Science of life, which not only treats our disease condition but also guides us to remain healthy and avoid possible health problems. The body is a complex machine which works nonstop from birth till death. But do we give our body the attention that it deserves and requires? Most of us will answer in the negative.

Good Health in Ayurveda means you do not feel your body, everything is perfect, and your body just works fine.

We at Ayurclinic Goa provide you with the most accurate and thorough diagnosis together with the professional treatment by a caring staff and with the proper ayurvedic oils. The treatment we offer is based on a sound examination of each patient, and each patient is treated for his individual needs.

Our services will make you feel fresh, energetic, healthy and fit.

A visit to our clinic, which is located just at the river front in Arpora, will give you the most sophisticated and rewarding experience of ayurvedic treatment in Goa. Ayurclinic Goa has also been listed on Holidays Please and is listed in their Goa Holidays Guide.

For any information about Ayurveda, Doshas, Panchakarma or testimonials please sign up on our forum, where you will meet and talk to Ayurveda lovers from all over the world. It is also possible to address questions to Dr. Rohit and his colleagues in our forum.